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Rumor of the Day

By Josh Roth

(Image courtesy of silverscreenandroll.com)

Michael Wilbon on ESPN’s PTI, mentioned this doozy: Los Angeles Lakers deal Pau Gasol to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love and the 2nd overall pick.

Initially I really liked the deal for Pau Gasol, but then quickly realized it makes little sense for Minnesota.  I get wanting to improve your team and become a playoff team now, but you have to have other players surrounding Gasol in order to do that and they don’t have those players.  Sure Rubio has talent, but he has yet to play a game in the NBA and he struggled overseas this past season. Also we have to realize that the Timberwolves have a lot more pressing issues and it would take at least one other star to get this team even sniffing the playoffs. Now if they Timberwolves did not have to give up the 2nd overall pick and maybe deal their 20th pick, then sure make that deal, but you need to keep adding talent and Derrick Williams would likely be a good fit there.

As for the Lakers this makes a little more sense.  Kevin Love allows you to spread the court and will give you more second chance opportunities, but his defense is below average, far worse than Gasols and you would have to rely heavily on Bynum or getting a tough veteran defensive minded center.  If they can also get that 2nd overall pick, they can finally pick up the point guard they have longed for and could even swap that to the Cleveland Cavs for the 4th pick and Anderson Varejao, because the Cavs seem to love the idea of Irving and Williams.

Overall, I think this would be a solid deal for the Lakers as long as they can get some tough minded defender to alongside Love.  And I love the idea that the Timberwolves want to win now, but they must continue to build towards the future and Kevin Love’s stock is not dropping anytime soon, just be patient and wait for next years deadline or offseason to do so.

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